Solar Energy

Become your own power producer by going Solar!

We can install a renewable energy solar photo-voltaic (PV) system for your home, business or public building.

By harnessing the power of the sun, wind or water, people all over the world produce their own pollution-free reliable electricity. Technological advances, government assistance, the need for reliable power, and the growing urgency to reduce the use of fossil fuels, make renewable energy systems increasingly attractive around the world. Solar technology makes it possible for home and business owners to have dependable power from renewable sources. Mass production has significantly reduced the price of renewable energy systems and their components. The use of renewable sources such as wind and sun increases our energy self-sufficiency and fosters economic and national security. As more families, individuals and businesses generate their own renewable electricity we will reduce pollution, provide more electricity for all to use, reduce the use of fossil fuels, and make the electricity on the grid “greener”.

We are experiencing higher electricity rates and electricity shortages from deregulation. Net metering laws allow solar-energy system owners feed their excess generated electricity back to the utility. The system owner receives a credit for solar-generated electricity fed into the grid. In other words, you pay the utility only for the net electricity you consume:

electricity from the utility – electricity from your solar system = net electricity

With a solar electric system, you can provide yourself with protection from the rising prices of fuel, because your system’s fuel is the sun. Additionally, state, local and federal tax incentives and rebates make obtaining a system increasingly more economical.

Types of Power Systems

Power systems vary in design depending on what energy sources are used and what purpose they must fulfill.

1. Grid-Tie Systems

Also called grid-interactive, grid-intertie, utility-interconnected and other such descriptive terms, grid-tie solar systems are built onto your building and property and connect directly into the electric utility feed. Net metering, whereby a solar or wind powered system turns your electric meter backwards when it is producing more power during the daylight hours.  This type of system provides no backup power when utility power fails.

2. Grid-Tie Systems with Battery Backup

A grid-tie system with battery backup feeds excess solar electricity to the grid and provides backup power when the utility grid is down. With this type of system you sacrifice some generation efficiency and increased costs and maintenance in exchange for having power when there is a utility power failure. The amount of backup power you have depends on the size of the battery and electrical loads.

3. Off-Grid Systems

This type of power system is independent of the utility grid. It can use solar modules, a wind generator, a micro-hydroelectric, or a combination of any or all of them to produce your electric power. Owners of this type of system often use a gas or diesel generator for backup when the power system does not meet all of the needs. This is also a popular choice for landscape lighting systems.

Benefits of installing a Solar Energy System

For decades, off -grid standalone power systems ­ not connected to utility electric transmission lines ­ have

generated power using solar energy for remote homes, communications facilities, telemetry, traffic control, public transportation, remote mining and drilling and scores of other applications. Now, people who live on the utility grid can economically install and obtain the benefits of solar and renewable energy systems.

Lock in your cost of electricity

The higher the percent of your total electricity needs generated by your solar system, the less affected you will be by constantly rising costs of conventionally generated electric power.

Obtain tax credits and rebates

Tax credits and rebates are available in many states to homeowners and businesses who install solar powered products. See for the latest rebate and tax credit information for your area.

Spin your utility meter backwards

You can send your home-generated power back to the utility and get credit for the power you feed into the utility grid.

Generate green power

Generate electricity with energy from the sun, wind or water, producing virtually no pollution or emissions.

Gain power independence

With the use of batteries and possibly a generator as needed, you can rely on your own generating capacity, and not on the vagaries of public utilities.

No moving parts!

Solar electricity is the only form of energy generation that does not involve any moving part, substantially decreasing maintenance requirements and increasing reliability and long equipment life.

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