Energy Audits

Home Energy Audits and Energy Use Analysis

Sunstruction is an energy constant that can improve your homes energy use. Home Energy Audits (also called energy assessments, energy efficiency audits or energy use analysis) are the first step before upgrading your home’s energy performance. To accurately design a home energy plan suited to your needs, we must first assess the current state of your house.

Sunstruction works with you to increase the performance of your building and lower its lifetime use of energy. Through both our Electrical Efficiency Analysis and Comprehensive Whole House Energy Audits we isolate the efficiency solutions that will reduce your carbon footprint, make your home healthier and more comfortable and bring you the fastest sustainable payback.

Home Energy AuditsOur Building performance Energy Audits provide a cost/benefit load analysis that targets increasing your buildings efficiency through efficient lighting and daylight controls, sealing building thermal leaks, replacing wasteful appliances, managing phantom loads and other synergistic conservation measures.

Electrical Efficiency Analysis

Our Electrical Efficiency Analysis looks at the buildings electrical systems to determine what the most cost-effective solutions would be:

  • Lighting systems,
  • Air Conditioning and cooling,
  • Appliance and refrigeration inspection
  • Load distribution & circuit capacity

Comprehensive Whole House Energy Audit

Our BPI and Energy Upgrade California eligible Comprehensive Whole House Energy Audit uses advanced building science techniques to study the integrity of your homes.

  • Analyze utility bills to identify seasonal consumption patterns
  • Infrared cameras are used to identify thermal issues and where air leaks are occurring.
  • Depressurize house to determine how well sealed your home is and discover inadvertent sources of air infiltration that effect thermal integrity and indoor air quality.
  • We analyze window and door integrity to identify air leaks which reduce heating and cooling efficiency.
  • The insulation effectiveness in your attic, walls and floor is inspected and evaluated.
  • Your house’s natural gas combustion systems (furnace, stove & hot water heater) for proper efficiency and safety.
  • Solutions to reduce your electricity consumption from the Electrical Efficiency Analysis are supplied.

Reports and Recommendations

After the home assessment and discussion of your energy needs we will review the issues discovered and suggest a menu of options that increases health, savings and comfort.

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