Energy Consultant

Sunstruction is a full service Energy consultant. Sunstruction specializes in building performance energy improvements, energy efficient lighting/electric systems, and retrofitting sustainable housing with Solar PV and renewable energy systems. We work with Energy Upgrade California providers.

•Environmentally Conscious Green Construction utilizing green building materials and techniques enabling environmentally sustainable and eco friendly homes.

•Energy Efficient construction utilizing natural daylighting and energy efficient lighting systems that increases building energy performance.

•Solar power home and pv solar energy systems for grid tied and off grid solar power.

•Advanced home technology with computer and network integrated smart-home controls, CCTV and access control.

Energy Conservation, Solar PV & Renewable Energy Installations

Sunstruction works with you to increase the performance of your building and lower its lifetime use of energy.

Home Energy AuditsOur home energy solutions allow you to reach energy independence through overall energy reduction to reduce your dependence on the power company. We install grid-tied Solar power PV systems to supplement energy independence and building efficiency.

Every $1 spent increasing your houses energy efficiency can save you $2-7 in solar system costs. A highly efficient house should require only a 2.5-3kw solar system to bring it into the power companies first tier.

Additionally, by our specialization in micro-inverters, array-level blocking diodes, and other optimizers we can install and repair Solar PV systems on multi-level roofs and in challenging shade conditions. We optimize under-performing solar PV arrays and install new solar PV energy solutions for residential and light commercial applications. Sunstruction designs renewable energy installations for Residential and Commercial Applications.

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electric systems
  • Wind Turbines

With Federal Tax credits at 30% and State and city rebates near 20% you can save almost 1/2 the initial cost of a complete Solar Energy Installation.

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